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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Catholic Culture in America

Joseph Bottum, editor of First Things, has as an interesting (also lengthy!) article on "Catholic Culture in America." Bottum examines Catholicism in America over the last forty years and sees Roe v. Wade as a defining moment in American Catholicism. Bottum also expresses some regret at the state of the Church in America today as there are still many conflicts which exist.

As an example, Bottum addresses last year's "kneeling controversy"[FN] from the Diocese of Orange. Bottum levels criticism towards both sides in the controversy, and specifically addresses one incident in the diocese where certain Catholic parishioners hired a private investigator to "out" a homosexual priest.

The individuals who hired the private investigator have responded to Bottum here and offer a shocking glimpse (actually, perhaps it's not shocking to many of you) into the Diocese of Orange and its administration by Bishop Tod Brown.

[FN] In a nutshell, the "kneeling controversy" refers to a dispute which arose in a parish in the Diocese of Orange when a newly installed pastor ordered his parishioners to stand during certain parts of the Mass and to stand during the reception of communion. A number of parishioners refused, and the pastor accused the parishioners of mortal sin for disobeying him.