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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Beauty of Life

Resolved not to be a consistent hermit, I went out to my favorite local pub late tonight, after all the calendar affords an extra hour for frolicking tonight, for a few quarts of my favorite ale.

While seated at the bar, and the bartender asked why she hasn't seen my for a while, I happened to notice that wearing cashmere sweaters with polyester lined jackets creates some shocking side effects. Nonetheless, I was chatting with some folks. (by the way, the scene in Matrix II were Keanu Reeves flies away leaving the legion of Smiths behind is hilarious).

After some bit of talk, I was rather taken by the fact that this diminutive WASPY-decended gal was rather proud of her interest in Geisha and other near east things. She seemed to lord it over others actually, that she was so open-minded. The beer getting the better of me, I decided that I had to exploit this foible, because, as it were, she most likely knows nothing of her own culture.

So I asked from where her roots came. She iterated a laundry list of west european lineage as if she were in confession. I didn't ask her to recite a valid act of contrition, but had I, she might have. (by the way, I love the "check spelling as you type" feature of my particular computer... it's alerted me over four times now that I needed to correct things)...

Well, I forget really to whole point of this other than I wanted to rant about the stupidity of multiculturalism as it is presented by the adisciplined noveau riche. Geisha in... Barbarian tribes out. God forbid anyone study their own culture.

Europe better get some of its head out of the eastern ass lest she have it fed to her by the Mohammedans. But that's a whole other rant. (man, the Monica Belucci asking for a kiss in Matrix II is a pretty durn good scene, too)

Speaking of rants: New Jersey... As Mohammedan zeal presses for a method of dismantling the US, here we are doing it on our own. What is so odd is that the proponents of the measures enacted there, forcing gay civil unions, will have far more to worry about from the mohammedans than the mean nasty christian majority. At least the last time I checked, even Jack Chick refrained from killing gays gays for sport. The story may be different if Osama Barracki el al Mohammed gets to them.

Well, so much for all of that. The beauty of life is that after two quarts of beer, it's all pretty funny really. Maybe that's what the fat chicks in stretch pants ought to be doing instead of purifying sacred vessels is drinking beer.

DON'T FORGET! ROLL BACK YOUR CLOCK in 5 MINUTES! (yep, you get a bonus hour of sleep tonight)

UPDATED: Two editing marks: (i) the references to the Matrix by roman numeral were corrected as ResIpsa indicated in the puffs; (ii) In the spirit of ADA compliance, I bolded certain text in an effort to make this densely cryptic piece of prose more accessible for the skills impaired anonymous commentors among us.