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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, October 09, 2006

AMSL's New Mascot

This news item was sent to us by a reader who would only identify himself as Charlemagne. He clipped it from the Twinsburg Gazette:

Ann Arbor (AP)--Ave Maria School of Law announced today the unveiling of its new mascot: Fudgems. The six year old law school had been searching for the last several years for an appropriate mascot according to Ms. Hilda von Woffenshmidt, spokesperson for Ave Maria School of Law's Administration. "We believe that the new mascot will be irresistible," said Ms. von Woffenshmidt in a telephone interview, "in addition, we will be forging a partnership that will bring the law school much exposure. The Dean is very excited!" The partnership that Ms. von Woffenshmidt reffered to is with Domino's Pizza. Known around the metro Detroit area as "the school that pizza built," Ave Maria School of Law drew its initial funding from the benevolence and generosity of Mr. Thomas Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza. "While Mr. Monaghan sold his pizza empire several years ago, he still manages to keep his foot in the door and oftentimes forges relationships such as this to continue his philanthropic work, " said A. Tad Rich, Secretary for Board Affairs for Mr. Monaghan. "Besides, it goes well with the school's Catholic character," continued Mr. Rich, "it is warm, sweet, heavenly and quite the indulgence!"

While the new mascot and partnership is being hailed by the law school's administration, others see it as a too late attempt at PR in an already sticky situation. "The administration certainly has a track record of 'fudging it' over the last year, " said a third year student, who would only spreak on the condition of anonymity. "From the firing of Professor Rice, several no confidence votes, and now the non-enforcement of the term limits provision to the Board of Governors, I think that the mascot is quite appropos: brown, sticky and messy!" Students are not the only ones who agree. Retired law professor of the Graduate Institute of Canon Law in Rio de Janiero and long time commentator on things Catholic, Prof. F.X. Mayer commented that "it was too little too late." He continued, "There is a legal principle that originated in ancient Rome and was absorbed into the canonical forms of the medieval church that I think captures this latest development at Ave Maria--stercus tauri. It is appropriate in more ways than one, I am afraid." Will the new mascot satisfy the critics of the law school's leadership? Time will tell.