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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Alumni Association Board Elections: Where do the candidates stand?

Ballots have been mailed out to all alumni for the upcoming election for the Board of Directors of the Ave Maria Alumni Association. A Fumare commenter below asks whether Fumare is going to be posting anything to enlighten alumni on the views of those running for the Alumni Board.

I'm not sure that it's appropriate for Fumare to come out and endorse particular candidates, but more importantly, I myself don't know enough about the views and positions of each candidate.

So let's harness the power of the blogosphere. I invite all alumni (or even better yet, the candidates themselves) to post comments on this topic.

Which candidates support the past actions of the Alumni Board? Which candidates believe the Alumni Board has been acting ultra vires? Where do the candidates stand on the potential move to Florida and other important issues?

Please share your knowledge.

UPDATE: Because I want this post to be useful to readers, I'll be freely editing and/or deleting comments that are irrelevant or pointless.

UPDATE 2: Commenter jtcorey objects to anonymous comments on the candidate's views. I don't want to get into a discussion of the pros/cons of anonymity, which we've had before. I've invited everyone, anonymous or not, to provide what they know on the candidate's positions. We, the voters, are entitled to know; for every other election there is a great deal more transparency of the candidante's views with debates, media questioning, etc., and all we have is a generic one paragraph candidate statement. Though an anonymous comment is unreliable, it is better than nothing. If you disagree with a comment on a certain candidate, say so. If you can corroborate a comment on a certain candidate, say so. There is plenty of merit to that, even if it is done anonymously.

UPDATE 3: I don't think that a person has a right not to have their name used on the Internet. However, because I'm a nice person, I've edited out the name of a candidate, pursuant to her request and the vociferous defense by commenter jtcorey. Miss T, I apologize for any offense, Fumare means no harm, and please come visit us again, even anonymously. I should remind you, however, that if you win in the election, your name and contact information are going to be prominently placed on the Internet. Best of luck with the vote.