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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

FUMARE: Asking the Tough Questions!

Here at FUMARE, we do not shy away from asking the difficult questions as regarding God, man & woman, Faith, Law & Culture and now . . . COSMOS!

As much as the critical debate on women's fashion has been insightful if not geothermal, another topic presses upon us and calls for the insights of the FUMARISTS.

In the current debate on Embryonic Stem Cell Research, or Intelligent Design, or Cloning, whenever the Church's view is brought up so too is the spector of Galileo.

In these debates, the Catholic Church gets accused of being the enemy of science, an irrational moralist, and an authoritarian opposed to the great good of human progress. The other side has only to remind us of Galileo to prove the point (no further discussion is necessary, or evidence will work to make in roads on that conclusion).

"The Church persecuted him because he dared to tell the truth to power!" . . . You can just see a comment on the Inquisitions coming next.

We seem to have lost this one in the arena of popular opinion . . . but wait, could there yet be hope?

What if Galileo was wrong?

What if the Earth REALLY is at the center of the Universe?

Well it would seem that the Head of the Vatican Observatory does not dispute the possibility . . .

So you decide:

Geocentrism Vs. Heliocentrism

(It's not as interesting as Pants Vs. Skirts, but have a go anyway.)