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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Why We Call it the National Catholic Distorter

Throughout the Catholic blogosphere (at least, throughou the faithful Catholic blogosphere), the National Catholic Reporter is frequently referred to as the National Catholic Distorter or the National (un)Catholic Reporter. For those who have never fully understood these titles, I offer the following NCR headline: Twelve Women Ordained in Pittsburgh on Riverboat. The article begins:

"Vested in white albs, and ultimately donning brilliantly colored silk stoles, 12 women were ordained July 31 as deacons and priests aboard a riverboat here by a group that claims they are valid Roman Catholic ordinations."

Note the wording of both the headline and the first paragraph. The article does not say that twelve women claim to have been ordained, but instead says that they were ordained. Can anyone guess whether the author of the article thinks the women have been validly ordained?

Oh well. The point is not to let this stuff rile you up, but to simply remain vigilant of such publications and to occasionally have a laugh at their expense. I know I do.

In other news . . .

Kansas City -- A man by the name of Advocatus Militaris was recently ordained as the bishop of Kansas City. Those present at the ordination claim that it was valid. A.M.'s first episcopal action was to suppress the National Catholic Reporter (which is produced in the Kansas City Diocese).