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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Simple Gift of Love

Some time back, parishioners at Polish parish in Chicago donated their precious jewels and whatever they could give for the fashioning of a new monstrance. Elderly folks, young folks and people at all levels of the economic strata donated what they could for the creation of this beautiful throne for Our Lord. They were not required to give, but out of the generosity of their hearts they did. Some gave beautiful diamonds, others very expensive gold, still others precious gems that once adorned their necks or fingers.

I can't help but consider who the people were who donated their precious jewelry for Our Lord. Surely there were those who were well off and could afford to part with some of their jewels. Not to denigrate this contribution, for I am positive that Our Lord is pleased by such generosity. But I wonder about the very simple folks, not as economically well off, who gave. I imagine there were a fair number of widows who donated their simple wedding bands--perhaps of a deceased spouse, perhaps their own as well. The names of these good and faithful people are known to God alone, but "the widows' mite" contributed richly to the creation of this gift. That simple contribution of a gold wedding band, symbolic of that richest of all riches--a lifetime's worth of love--is now the very throne where the Lord of Love resides for all to see. More than that, that love which was the lifeblood of that married couple for so many years is now on display for the whole world united, as it were, to that Font of Love and longing of man's heart.

Sometimes the best gifts are those that are unseen. Yet every now and again, God wants to brag and shows them off.