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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I AM happy to be with you tonight for I strongly believe that FUMARE (or Radio Free Ave) and the Fumantes are vital to success in the battle for men's minds.

Many of us learned during the war that the most potent force is spiritual; that the appeal to men's minds produces a dedication which surmounts every trial and test until victory is won. To toughen, strengthen, fortify such dedication to the cause of freedom is the mission of FUMARE.

Substantial progress has already been made. The free world is growing stronger because its peoples are growing in their determination to stand together and in their faith that freedom and justice will triumph. FUMARE, each day of the year, nourishes this growth. Here at home, we Catholics face the future with confidence. But we must also face up to the dangers that still lurk about us. We must ever work to strengthen our posture of defense and to reinforce our alliances and friendships in the free world.

While we maintain our vigilance at home and abroad, we must help intensify the will for freedom in the satellite entities behind the Iron Curtain of the Ave Maria Foundation (AMF). These entities are in TM's backyard; and only so long as their people are reminded that the outside world has not forgotten them--only that long do they remain as potential deterrents to TM's aggression.

The great majority of the captives in these satellite entities have known liberty in the past. They now need our constant friendship and help if they are to believe in their future.
Therefore, the mission of FUMARE merits greater support than before. It serves our security and the cause of peace. I have long given the Fumantes my strong endorsement. I did that because I am familiar with their purposes, their operations, the people who run it, and, perhaps, most important--its hard-hitting effectiveness as an independent Catholic enterprise.

I know that our country and our friends behind the Iron Curtain of the AMF can count on you for active participation and leadership in this most critical of all battles--the winning of men's minds. Without this victory, we can have no other victories. By your efforts, backed up by the faculty of AMSL, we can achieve our great goal--that of enabling us and all the peoples of AMSL to enjoy in peace the blessings of freedom.

President Ike's private secretary, Buttercup, sent this our way. May our benighted brethren profit from this and take courage in the victory that is to come!