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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Lady of the Universe vs. The Lady of the Street

My colleagues well know my disdain for women in public life. Take Katie O'Beirne. Enough said--we're all on the same page. Read on.

The gals generally take hard lines and are tenacious fighters. Their intellects are sharp (ok, Katie might be an exception) and often better their male opponents in an argument. Nevertheless, there is just something distasteful about a woman sullying her hands with the affairs of war, law, and politics--she becomes a veritable Lady of the Street.

Rather than being a Lady of the Street (or the Head of State's Mistress) she could be the Lady of the Home--which is nothing other than being the Lady of the Universe. I think sane women choose the latter. Sometimes the Lady of the Street will extol the Lady of the Universe. Perhaps she'll write articles on "true womanhood" or extol the work of the stay at home mom in a speech at a D.C. luncheon, and these are excellent contributions! Unfortunately, too many times these gals often tend not to "walk the walk" in their own lives. Similarly, they are often struck with an elitist bent that tends to look down upon the work of the Lady of the Universe. Hmmm....universalizing the street perhaps?

Why do I bring this up now? Well, #1 because I haven't gotten any nasty comments or death threats lately and I miss them; #2 to show that the Lady of the Home = the Lady of the Universe; #3 to ask why anyone really gives a rat's behind about this.

Besides I am gone for the weekend with "My Lady of the Universe" and had to post somthing today that will keep everyone busy until Columcille tells us of his new home business of selling manure for distributist gardens, and Thursday demonstrates how a potential Iranian ICBM can be shot down by tweaking one's XBox to another frequency while playing Halo.

See you next Tuesday, fratelli et sorelli!