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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Alumni Association Board Action

From the looks of their interim website, the Ave Maria School of Law Alumni Association Board has condemned the actions taken against Professor Rice, and has renewed its call for the immediate resignation or removal of the current dean, Bernie Dobranski.

Direct links to the Cover Letter and Bill of Particulars, in PDF format.

I wonder how many more of these will be necessary before the Board of Governors realizes it has a fiduciary duty to the institution Ave Maria School of Law, not to their friends Bernie and Tom. If you need proof that the Board is in the Dean's pocket, look no further than the fact that, after a no-confidence vote by the faculty, a no-confidence vote by the alumni association board (cum Monday's renewed call for immediate resignation or removal), and a widely-supported student signature drive at the law school last semester, the Dean remains in his cushy $350k+ position as official Monaghan backscratcher. All the while, the media continues to have a field day [Wall Street Journal] [New York Times] with the ineptitude of our "founder," as Dobranski introduced Monaghan to the incoming 1Ls at Monday's Orientation.

Let the Board know that they need to protect our beloved alma mater, folks.

UPDATE: The Alumni Association Board of Directors will be distributing its Feasibility Study Committee Summary of Alumni Response on the proposed move to Florida. Stay tuned.