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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, July 28, 2006

So proficient were the Jesuit dancers and choreographers that one Parisian wag mused that no one could pirouette as well as a Jesuit.

A Note from the Trenches of the Liturgical Wars

This piece of intelligence come over the wire recently:
Sacred dance is an important and critical component in the worship life
of the contemporary Catholic Church. It is so not because it has about it an air
of spontaneity, trendiness, sensuality, and novelty, but because it celebrates
the body, gives praise to God, communicates through its own beauty and
physicality the wisdom and grace of the Creator, and unites the community in

Columcille wonders how spontaneity, trendiness, sensuality and novelty have become 'critical components' to the worship life of the Catholic Church?

Columcille might make a case for an authentic place for the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit in the Divine Liturgy, and even contrast the sensuality of Catholic Liturgy against the barren thing that the Prods do across the street, but Columcille doubts the author intends these meanings.

In fact, Columcille reckons that the author is imagining the scene from The Matrix: Reloaded, indeed, isn't this where these Liturgical Terrorists intend to take us - backwards to the ecstatic worship of Eros in the fertility cults?

Hide your virgin daughters, the Jesuits are coming.

UPDATE: Um, and more importantly your innocent sons . . . (thanks Boko)