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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

MUST READ: The Vision of AMSL's Anointed

Some years back, noted conservative economics professor, Thomas Sowell, published a book entitled The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy. The book basically takes to task the view liberal elites have of themselves: that they are the fonts of wisdom, that they know better than the common man what is best for him, and that they are the chosen ones and the only compassionate ones. This story of the "anointed" is not new. Chesterton and Belloc routinely took on the cultural elites of their day. One need only be reminded of Belloc's "Lines to a Don" and Chesterton's "Essay on the Common Man" to know that this battle for the common man and against the "anointed," is a perennial one.

Now while the target of Sowell's book was liberal elites, the target of this post is the conservative elites. Specifically, we target the anointed which finds its incarnation in the Chairman of AMSL's BoG, the Dean of AMSL and their apparent devotees on the BoG. These are the elites. This is who we are dealing with and it makes no sense to go forward without a forthright admission of the primary fact that appears to drive their hubris. In light of this, consider the very disturbing recent turn of events that was relayed to me by a very credible individual with knowledge:

It has been custom at AMSL to give the faculty a cost of living increase each year. Reports have indicated that generally this increase has been around 3% since the school's inception. This year, however, is different. Different for everyone in fact. Let's just say, if one happens to be a faculty member at AMSL whose conscience led him to vote no confidence in the Dean over the style of governance employed by the Dean and Chairman of the Board of Governors, he only received a 0%-1% cost of living increase. On the other side, if one is a faculty member who has thrown in his lot with those same powers (or have at least not taken a stand), it is likely that he received a 5% cost of living increase. Hmmm.

A faculty member--whose credentials are impeccable, and by all reports had a stellar year in the classroom--brought concerns to the Dean about discrepancies in the cost of living adjustment. Inquiry was made as to the unequal application of the cost of living increases. The Dean's response was that certain faculty did not receive the higher percentage increase because--and I paraphrase--[they were] "associating with people who are undermining the mission of the school."

Correct me if I am wrong, but when did the "Mission of the School" become synonomous with Dean Dobranski's will? Or, better, Chairman Monaghan's will? It seems that the Dean and whoever else makes determinations regarding cost of living increase amounts have arrogated to themselves the position of determining the "Mission of the School," and the BoG members have become willing accomplices in the whole charade. Vision of the Anointed indeed. And, I suppose, like the liberal elites Sowell takes to task, if you are considered an inconvenient human being (i.e., you happen to disagree or register a concern)-- we don't listen, we just get rid of you.

In lieu of flowers, please send your donations to the "AMSL Faculty Emergency Relief Fund."