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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, July 24, 2006

More thoughts from the dutiful Torgo

It appears that Torgo has been ruminating again. While the opposition party dismisses Torgo, and those of us who are equally concerned with the welfare of Ave Maria School of Law and its constituents, as dissidents intent on a sowing discontent for the sole purpose of opposing the school's administration (as if the administration were so important), they forget one simple fact: events such as these simply do not happen to well-run institutions. While a criminal is certainly presumed innocent until proven guilty, he is still hauled into court on probable cause. Indeed, probable cause there is:

Torgo would like to remind everyone that the ABA welcomes alumni contact on many matters.

As everyone familiar with the scandal of nonperformance on promises relied upon will know, there was a process through which the law school underwent to become accredited. Many of Torgo's friends and readers will recall various preparation routines, such as the mock interviews and crews of people that would walk through the school. Others may recall the elements discussed in town hall meetings. These elements were things such as the library, facilities, faculty, finances, etc.

Torgo can recall many representations made to groups of interested parties druing these town hall meetings, and to prepare people for the interviews and actual ABA visits. If you think back, you too can remember what was said about the facilities and the financing. Anybody else remember representations about a top-tier school?

Has the money been spent to make a top tier school?

Torgo would now turn your attention to the ABA standards, Chapter 2 on Program resources. Two things are important: 1) the school needs adequate finances for the future (Monaghan promised those for a top tier school in Ann Arbor (see, e.g. Ann Arbor News and Detroit Free Press columns circa 1999, 2000)); and 2) that finances do not interfere with the operation of the school.