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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bowie Kuhn Makes Rene Magritte Look Like Amateure

NY Times (AP) - In an extraordinary act of post-modern panache, Bowie Kuhn was reported in the New York Times as saying, "This is not a bunch of trained dogs," referring directly to the increasingly dishonored Ave Maria School of Law Board of Governors and Dean, and the public smelly smelly of The Governance Issue.

"When I read Mr. Kuhn's comment, I thought - that makes sense, of course they aren't a bunch of trained dogs, that's silly; then it hit me, NO ONE SAID THEY WERE trained dogs! And then I understood," commented an Ave Maria School of Law student who has asked not to be named because of the fear of retaliation from the Dean, Board of Governors and Mr. Monaghan.

"Mr. Kuhn was making an oblique reference to Rene Magritte and was turning abrilliantt intertextual comment which ultimately aims to deconstruct any criticism about The Governance Issue! So by representing this meta-narrative in clear, even graphicimageryy which cuts to the bone of The Governance Issue, he at the same time created an inter-textual space into which he could assert doubt,absurdityy and even humor thus disintermediating the flow of information but for an instant to suggest that indeed there is NO SUCH THING AS The Governance Issue. Amazing."

"This is the same thing that Rene Magritte did years ago with that Pipe painting - 'This is not a pipe' read the caption. Rene was saying, 'Dude, our representations of reality conflict with reality itself, man, and saying that a pipe is really a pipe is problematic, because really this pipe is a phallic symbol, or, if your paranoid, what someone wants you to think is a phallic symbol!'"

"The point is that we are no longer talking about the painting because the words have deflected our attention to an artificial intellectual construct which has no bearing on the painting itself! This is what Bowie is doing and it is genius!"

"Of course the Board Governorsors and Dean are not a 'bunch of trained dogs,' the point is that they are acting like it and anyone who has the sensum fidelium can smell the doggie doo-doo from miles away."

The smelly smelly of The Governance Issue is not going to go away despite the rhetorical might of Mr. Bowie Kuhn and the vigorous foot scraping of those who have stepped in it. The stink is out and only a frank and honest admission and just action in humility will remove the doggie doggie from the Boardy Board and Deany Dean.