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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

NCReporter Opposes New Translations

The National Catholic Reporter, that bastion of precedent and of the upholding of Church tradition, once again is beating its drum to oppose change. That's right, the traditionalist NCR is standing up against those that would simply cast aside the ICEL English translations of the last thirty years. The following is from their editorial:

"But the recitation of the history is significant in demonstrating that at the highest levels of the community there were those who had little regard for precedent, competence, the work of others and established process. It is an attitude that has seeped down into lower levels of church governance, where too often power is the only credential necessary for mandating jarring and extreme changes to the life and practice of the community."

Wait a minute. Am I smoking peyote? Isn't the NCR usually for change in the Church and hasn't it ignored and disregarded the precedents of the past 1500 years of the Church's liturgical traditions? Also, weren't the traditions of the parishes routinely cast aside from the top down by liberal priests, bishops, and diocesan administrators, and didn't the NCR support all of these changes?

It seems to me that the NCR didn't have a problem with radical change from the top-down so long as the change was in accord with their modernist beliefs, but that they don't like it now that the shoe is on the other foot. Forgive my schadenfreude, but it's nice to see liberal American Catholics finally lose a liturgical battle. God knows that the traditionalists have been on the losing end for a long time now (elimination of Latin, chant, polyphany, introduction of communion in the hand, disregard of the rubrics, altar girls, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, hand-holding, standing for communion, etc.) I hope the new translations are a sign of things to come and of a change of the tide in the liturgical wars.

But don't expect the NCR and other liberals to roll over. They never have. The NCR already signals their hope that people will resist the new translations: "Finally, we suspect that the way forward will also include accommodating those who simply refuse to go along and will stand in place and continue to use the same language they've been using for decades. Our suspicion is that God will not be terribly upset by a little show of resistance."

Cute. Very cute.

Just be sure not to stand up to them. For that, there is no tolerance. Who does that nun in Alabama think she is to question Roger Cardinal Mahony? Who do those parishioners in the diocese of Orange think they are to question Bishop Tod Brown? When he says kneel, you must kneel. Who do you think you are to think you can receive Communion kneeling and on the tongue? To disobey them is to commit mortal sin. After all, what could be worse than violating the so-called Spirit of Vatican II?

Anyway, the NCR can delude themselves all they want that they stand for the average man in the pews (did I just use exclusive language? Horrors!), but they don't actually represent American Catholics and their kind of liberal Catholicism will eventually lose out.