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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Judge to Planned Parenthood: Turn Over Records

Some time back, I posted regarding current litigation against Planned Parenthood near Cincinnati, Ohio. Peter Bronson of the Cincinnati Enquirer put forth the basics of the case in his piece from September 27, 2005:

All it took last year for a 14-year-old "Jane Roe" was a cell phone number. A staffer at a local Planned Parenthood clinic called the number and got permission - from a 21-year-old man who was molesting the girl and coerced her into an abortion. The man, now in prison, pretended to be her father on the phone, then posed as her brother at the clinic. He paid with his credit card, and had the girl injected with Depo-Provera birth control, so he could resume having sex with her three days later.

"Jane Roe presented her school identification card, which showed that she was a junior high school student," a lawsuit by the girl's parents says. "(He) presented his Ohio driver's license, which showed that he was 21 years of age and his last name was different than Jane Roe's. (Planned Parenthood) did not question (either) about the differences in their ages or their different last names." And that was under Ohio's parent notification law. State law also requires notice to law enforcement, because a girl 13 or under who seeks an abortion is automatically a victim of rape.

Planned Parenthood never notified law enforcement.

Well, good news. It seems that Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker has ordered Planned Parenthood to turn over its records to determine whether this is a "pattern of practices" that Planned Parenthood engages in with regard to teenage girls who seek abortions at their clinics. Says today's Enquirer:

A judge ordered the Cincinnati Planned Parenthood Clinic on Wednesday to turn over all records for abortion patients under 18 to the lawyers for the family of a teen who had an abortion at the clinic.

Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Patrick Dinkelacker's decision is believed to be only the second time a Planned Parenthood clinic has been ordered to make records available, and the first time during a civil case.

Attorney Brian Hurley, who represents the family, said the information is needed to determine whether the abortion given to his client without parental consent is an isolated issue or a pattern of activity. He said the patients' names will be blacked out on their records.

Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region will appeal, said Becki Brenner, the clinic's president and CEO. That likely means the documents won't be released until the appeals process is complete. Appeals could take years. Even if the order is upheld, that doesn't mean the floodgates will open and medical records will be readily available, experts say.

"We're very concerned about the exposure of private medical information," Brenner said. "Anyone that has private medical information should be fearful." Medical information should not be subject to review by outside parties, she added.

Dinkelacker wrote in his order that the plaintiff's needs outweighed the patients' rights to privacy.

Mr. Hurley is a dear friend of AM's family and is one of the finest lawyers in the State of Ohio. He needs our prayers--which I know he will get--but he also needs MONEY!!! As Ryder could testify in his work on the Scheidler case, this type of litigation will head into the millions and the opposition will stop at nothing to keep murdering unborn children. Write your checks here:

Women's Injury Network
Susan Gertz
401 Pike Rd.
Reading, OH 45215-5900
ATTN: Wallace Litigation

We will keep watching this case.