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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

AMSL Names New Governor

Ann Arbor (AP)--"Continuity with our tradition was the most important factor for this appointment." So said a statement issued by the Ave Maria School of Law Board of Governors on the appointment of Mr. Alfred E. Neumann, Esq. to replace the Honorable James Ryan as a member of the same body. The announcement was made today in the midst of the law school's annual giving campaign. "We're hoping that the addition of Mr. Neumann to the Board of Governors will add to our already prestigious group of established legal scholars," said Hilda Von Woffenshmidt of the school's communications office.

A committee of the Board of Governors had been considering the move for some time now. "We wanted someone on a par with the current members of the Board. With the absence left by Judge Ryan, the sense of the Board was that we needed another Kate O'Beirne or someone of that caliber," said Tad Rich, Director of Board Affairs for Mr. Thomas Monaghan. Mr. Monaghan is the Chairman of the AMSL Board of Governors. "Mr. Neumann is a experienced legal mind with an especial interest in intellectual property law which, as you know, is a burgeoning field. His talents and contributions--recognized the world over--will surely be an asset to our thriving law school," continued Rich.

In the past year, the law school has been embroiled in controversy over the mode of governance of the law school, the removal of Prof. Charles Rice from the Board of Governors, a possible relocation of the law school to Florida, and a low national ranking. The school's faculty and alumni association board both expressed votes of "no confidence" in Dean Bernard Dobranski and the student body is deeply divided over the issues. Chairman Monaghan dismissed the controversies as based on misinformation, "If there is one thing I have learned throughout all my years in business, it is to drive on no matter what anybody says. If you lend someone an ear, don't expect to be repaid with interest." When asked if the current controversies surrounding the school gave him pause to accept this appointment, Mr. Neumann responded, "What me worry?" Time will tell.