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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Slave Labor--D'oh!

I like to think of myself as a pro-free markets kind of guy, but I don't think being in favor of freedom necessitates an unqualified support of globalization. I despise Wal*Mart and agree with the Crunchy Cons who place the traditional concerns of families and workers over the desires of large corporations. I know Wal*Mart is considered by some the apotheosis of free human choice, as opposed to centralized bureaucratic planning, but I worry that the free market, and indeed freedom itself, has nothing to do with one of the reasons why many of Wal*Mart's goods are so cheap. We're supporting slave labor, people, whenever we purchase goods made in China. This was brought home to me when I stumbled across this article (scroll down to the middle) that mentions the Homer Simpson slippers made fashionable in the halls of AMSoL by one of our very own. Sadly, the slippers are made by imprisoned members of Falun Gong, presumably before they're killed and their organs are harvested.

Disclaimers: So, it's come to this. I've cited to wikipedia as a source. Shame on me. Also, I do think Falun Gong is nutty; I just don't think they should be imprisoned and killed by the Red Chinese. Finally, please spare me the neo-con cracks for citing to NRO. I found the article through the weblog of the great New Criterion, to which magazine I was introduced by the great AMSoL Law & Lit prof, Dr. McNamara. Also, sorry I couldn't work a Prof. Myers joke into one of the hyperlinks above. You'll know which one.