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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, May 05, 2006

No Amnesty for the Unborn

Amnesty International (AI) is considering whether to promote abortion as a universal "human right." Currently, the influential organization is neutral on the issue of abortion, but it appears that the groups pro-abortion leaders have put forth the proposal and are asking for comments from the groups million+ members worldwide.

As C-FAM reports, AI's chief executive has stated "Governments . . . must act with due diligence to punish abuses of sexual and reproductive rights by private persons, organizations and other non-state actors." The proposal states "Governments have responsibilities to ensure that everyone's sexual and reproductive rights are protected, . . . ." And, "[n]o one should be discriminated against when and if they attempt to exercise their sexual and reproductive rights, or ask that they be protected." One proposal calls for a requirement that healthcare workers be compelled to provide abortion services regardless of their personal beliefs.

If AI adopts the policy, then they would be required to oppose pro-life organizations such as the Church. It goes without saying that such a policy would run counter to AI's commitment to protect the helpless and the innocent.

You can find news articles here, here and here. I find it deplorable that the major news outlets have not covered this story.

Please consider donating to C-FAM.org as they are gearing up for a campaign to persuade AI to not adopt the policy. I just donated $100.00.