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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Keep Praying for Nick Thomm

This is from Mark Shea:


As of late Tuesday afternoon, Nick Thomm of Ave Maria Radio has been moved to a regular semi-private room following a stay in the ICU while initially recovering from brain surgery. His color is coming back and he is already eating and feeling better. He has a bit of tingling in his arm but no paralysis or other adverse effects. They may have him up and walking around later this evening. Later in the week, he's looking forward to visitors.

One change from the previous update is that a MRI from Tuesday morning indicates that at least 30-50% of the tumor was removed. Please continue your prayers for Nick and Jen and leave a message for the Thomms here. You can find the Litany for the Sick in the first two comments.

If you would like to send a message to Nick you can do so by clicking here or address cards to 1 Ave Maria Dr., PO Box 504, Ann Arbor, MI 48106

And here is more news.

Last week was the fund drive for our Catholic radio station and besides Nick's problem during that time, Al Kresta, the president of our Catholic radio station, and Mike Jones, the general manager, both faced problems too.

Al's wife was discovered during the week to have breast cancer and the last day of our drive she had surgery to prepare her for further surgery maybe next month. Al still found some time to lead the drive efforts even though his time was cut short from his usual involvement.

Mike Jones got a call from his wife Wednesday because she was having great pain in her abdomen. He had to take her to the hospital right away and they found that she had a burst appendix. She stayed in the hospital and had intravenous feeding of antibiotics and was sent home Saturday to continue the medicine until she was well enough to go for surgery next month.

These three men are the top men of the seven employees in the Ave Maria Radio station and that made it look like the evil one was doing all he could to cause the failure of the fund drive that keeps the station going. He failed and the drive went a little bit over what we were looking for. The hard work of everyone at the station is all for the honor and glory of God and that was just too much power for the evil one to succeed to cripple operations.

Thank you again for your prayers.