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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Can we please change the subject?

In an effort to bump the below heading down on my screen to a point where it's no longer visible to passing coworkers and to redirect discussion anywhere but where it's been, I'd like to pose the following hypothetical:

Suppose a self-described "mildly pro-choice, but anti-gay marriage" celebrity were honored with an LLD at AMU's commencement. In her address, she condemned the decision of Tom Monaghan to summarily fire the founding faculty of AMSoL and replace them with Fr. Marciel. At the commencement Mass, Fr. Fessio celebrated a Latin Novus Ordo ad orientem, against the wishes of the local ordinary, who had threatened not to constitute AveTown as a parish unless Fessio celebrated in an English translation mandated by the US bishops in defiance of the Holy See's refusal to approve it on the grounds that it violated the tenets of Liturgicam Authenticam. The valedictorian gave a talk condemning both contraception and the war in Iraq.

Would it be proper to protest such a ceremony? In what manner, and on what grounds?