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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Must See TV

Just when I thought there was absolutely nothing of worth on television, when it seemed as if the networks were intentionally airing godless programs on Sundays and holy days, I saw God or the Girl by A&E. It is perhaps the most inspiring, Christian show I have ever seen on secular television. It chronicles the experiences of four devote Catholic men as they discern their call to the priesthood. The show is honest and respectful of the Faith, especially at times when it could easily distort or even mock it. It is nothing short of amazing.

It doesn't stop there. Running simultaneously with God or the Girl is TLC's Raising 16 Children, a beautiful show about a mother of 16 beautiful, grounded, well-balanced, loving children, and the sixteenth can only be seen on ultrasound! It is, without equivocation, a ringing endorsement of the family.

If you watch television, you must watch these shows. You must watch not only for their value, but also to reward these networks with ratings. The networks know that airing sacrilegious shows will provoke backlash and boycotts. Now let them know that airing reverent shows will result in ratings!

Christ has risen!