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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

FOCUS and God or the Girl

Last week, Thursday posted about the A&E TV show, God or the Girl, a reality show that follows 4 guys in their 20's as they discern whether or not to enter the seminary. The finale of the 5-part series was on Sunday night, which I was able to catch. The show as a whole was not perfect. I had to cringe when watching some parts that were a little too reality-show-ish, and it was bothersome for the show to be reinforcing a false understanding of discerning God's Will for the sake of creating tension: ("So-and-so has only 3 days and counting to make the decision to be a priest! What will he decide? Will he go for God or the girl?"). Almost to prove the point that the discernment process for the priesthood is not one ultimate choice with no turning back, the "final" decision of the one of the guys , Dan, 21 years old, was to simply put off thinking so seriously about the seminary, and to instead live God's Will in the moment at college and with his youth group and Catholic household. On the whole, the show was positive, if only because it portrayed normal, young men, honestly considering the priesthood.

If you followed the show, I would venture to guess that there was one guy who stood out to you as having his head screwed on the straightest, who was the most mature in his understanding of Catholic priesthood and of discerning God's Will, and who was the most inspirational. This one guy also happened to be the only one out of the 4 to make the decision to enter the seminary during the finale. Steve Horvath.

In the show, there is mention that Steve gave up a high-paying job to be a Catholic missionary. It was only after I started watching, that I learned that Steve is currently a missionary with FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), and that he is stationed at the University of Nebraska. FOCUS is an organization of young Catholic adult missionaries who bring the Faith to undergraduate students on college campuses across the country. While I don't have much experience with FOCUS myself, I have only heard great things about the positive impact it is having in evangelizing young people. And if FOCUS is also producing top-notch potential priests like Steve, then it is probably doing God's work.