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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ave Maria Town: Everything but a Parish Church

Looking for a good parish where your wedding can be witnessed? How about the baptism of your first child, born 40 weeks to the day after that wedding (at least in the experience of some good Catholic friends of mine)? Don't look to Ave Maria Town, FL. At least not in the "near future," according to the local diocese. But you can drive ten miles to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Spanish-language parish in Immokalee, FL and the closest real parish, in order to have your wedding, funeral, and/or to baptise the baby.

Does anyone else sense "cartbeforehorseitis" here? In other words, do people settle around parishes, or in "Catholic towns," or are parishes and Catholic towns founded because of the people who have settled in a given area?

Do we solicit not one but two feasibility studies and otherwise plan to move a once-successful law school to Ave Maria [No Parish] Town, to align with an unproven fledgling university, the only question being whether the move will happen in 3 years or 4, or do we wait like sane people, see what happens to said unproven fledgling university, and make the decision based on the actual best interests of the law school?

I think cartbeforehorseitis is endemic to the Ave Maria Foundation, frankly. As for the cure, I'm open to suggestions.

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