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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

A True Son of Ignatius

I received a note from one of my theology professors in college this morning. A superb Jesuit of the old mold. This is a portion of that note which I think bears reprinting. Again, this is private correspondance and I wish to keep the complete contents that way, but it is a good insight into one good priest's struggles with the B.S. of the hierarchy in this country. Unfortunately--to follow up on Buttercup's comment in a previous post--our bishops have lost sight of the most important things, i.e., the salvation of souls.

In July I hope that I will be working with [a fabulous order of women religious who serve the poor]... I have told the bishop here that I have had enough of parish work. He wants us in his Stewardship Program to ask the people to give 10% of their gross salary. I told him that I wasn't the priest to do this and that I thought it greed on the part of the Church.. People should not be told what to give and I didn't want my 151 adults who are very generous to hear this mandate from me. When I came, I told them that they would never hear me speak of money and I have kept to that. As someone told me, the reason that the people are so generous is that you never ask for money. People in Chicago used to tell me that their priests spoke only of money and more money so much so that they began to identify the Church with money. I will be sorry to leave these people. As yet the provincial hasn't answered my letter asking to go to the [a fabulous order of women religious who serve the poor]. I presume that he will allow me to go there. Keep it in your prayers.