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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Toner, schmoner.

Ever regret your lack of meaningful correspondence? Email just doesn't seem to cut it. You'd love to write those meaningful Kerouacian communications, but your Gen-Y/spell-checker status is synonymous with third-grade penmanship. (Make that second-grade; in third grade you at least learned cursive.) You would use the tools of the trade, but toner and full-justification lack the personal touch.

Well Gents, have I the solution for you. It's ink, but not ink-jet. It's manual, but won't bring back the tennis-elbow memories of bar exam dread. It's the manual typewriter! Thought they were positively paleolithic? Well, the Italians--that's right, the makers of the Vespa--still have it goin' on!

[Enter, stage right] the Linea 198 from Olivetti. Built to "Duck and Cover" in the event that Castro ever ran out of Cubans, its non-electric mechanical engineering is itself a piece of wonder.

But, if that is too much commitment from a binary baby, then may I suggest a the MS 25 Premier Plus, my personal favorite.

[Hint, hint.] (Friday has required the liquidation of the Rubicon, before I enroll as an agent of Interzone.)

Talk about sexy. Don't you just want to bang out some gritty prose with backspace-free abandon?