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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, March 27, 2006


[At the outset: This post is especially in honor of our our dear friend JTCorey. He is a Catholic, scholar, wit (some might add "half"), veteran of Desert Storm, friend, and all around pun guy.]

We here at FUMARE keep before our eyes the true, the good, and the beautiful; and while most of our posts focus on the the true and the good, there are a dearth of postings on the beautiful. To remedy this I have decided to post on a topic that was first suggested to me months ago by Mr. Corey: the beauty of woman--but not just any woman!

Now, lest there be any misunderstanding, AM is happily married to Mrs. Militaris--THE most gorgeous, smart, witty, holy and SMOKIN' babe on the planet (who is the best mom in the world)! And, if I may say so, I believe most of my jealous single colleagues who post on this blog will confirm the aforementioned. However--though it pains me--I will leave for another day, another and more glorious post for Mrs. Militaris.

Today's post is dedicated to a babe who is a frequent topic of conversation amongst those who blog, and the object of many a good Catholic man's fantasies. While she has yet to appear in GQ, no doubt she'll check that box before long. Let's meet this smoking siren--and there is no better way than for her to speak for herself:

She's a 24-year-old member of the legal profession with a conservative bent, a Catholic philosophy, too much education and a smart mouth. A dangerous combination.

Yes, folks it is Miss Zanotti--Catholic, commentator, citizen, conservative...and a visitor to FUMARE! No doubt, much of the wisdom she has imbibed over the last year was due, in large measure, to the insightful and scintillating analysis given here. Ex opere operato as it were. But in any event, I salute Miss Zanotti and her blog for insightful analysis, great wit and a damn good time.

I wish her only the best: being a good wife and mother of 12 kids with a husband who worships you--not unlike I with Mrs. Militaris (JT, guys, what are you waiting for!).