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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

LOST--Tools from Cardinal's Kit Bag: Prudentia and Discretio

Unfortunately, in the opinion of this casual observer, many in the hierarchy of the Church--which used to employ common sense and a sane realism--love to run to the loving arms of those who would slice their throats. One such prelate is Renato Cardinal Martino. Sandro Magister at Chiesa has done us all a service by pointing out how "out-of-control" Martino really is. (Recently, Jay Anderson also posted his assessment of Martino.) Consider a sampling of the Cardinal's track record (h/t Chiesa):

*On the eve of the war in Iraq, for example, his pacifist and anti-American quips were so frequent and so unbalanced that he forced the secretariat of state-- even though it was against the war-- to impose silence upon him: a silence he observed for a few months.

*In December of 2003, he wreaked havoc once more. He was to present to the international press the pope's message for the World Day of Peace. And instead, the following day the media spoke of something completely different: the accusation Martino had made on the occasion against the United States, charging it with having treated the imprisoned Saddam Hussein "like a cow."

*On his return from a trip to Cuba, where he had met with Fidel Castro, he made a statement. Interviewed by the news agency ANSA last March 3, he said that "Castro knows the social doctrine of the Church," and that "the times when the Church was persecuted in Cuba are water under the bridge."

*On Thursday, March 9, in a press conference at the end of a conference on "The Ways of Peace" held at the Saint Louis of France Cultural Center in Rome. He said: "If there are a hundred Muslim children in a school, I don’t see why one cannot teach them their religion." And again: "If we said 'no' until we saw equivalent treatment for the Christian minorities in the Muslim countries, I would say that we were placing ourselves on their level."

(As to the last point, there are brighter lights in the Vatican to show the way.)

Needless to say, perhaps the good Cardinal will consider this list before he hugs and kisses the Islamic world. Let's face it, it is incorrect to say that we worship the same God. I see a beautiful future for Martino as the Archpriest of the Basilica of St. Peter in vinculis.