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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Poor Fay. Joe won. (Hat tip: SCOTUSblog)

Quoth Ryder: Good opinion...it may be used for a long time in statutory construction cases. And it's nice to have that pesky Hobbs Act question finally resolved. Makes this little Fumare exchange with NOW's prez all the sweeter. To quote Mizz Gandy:

"The substantive issues raised by the petitioners, namely the interpretation of the Hobbs Act and whether private injunctions are available under RICO, are simply not ripe for Supreme Court review at this point."

Errrrr...thanks for playing, Kim. Better luck next time, baby! Nice to see the 7th Cir. get reversed once in a while, eh? Don't forget, folks, we wouldn't be here today were it not for Judge Diane Wood of the Seventh, who as a member of NOW authored the now-overturned opinion keeping NOW's hopes alive in this case. I'm sure Judge Wood is a nice person with some good qualities, but she is woefully inept at avoiding conflicts of interest. See the previous Fumare post linked above for more info on Judge Wood.