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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

There's your sign . . .

Amp'd Mobile--what appears to be a new cellular phone carrier advertising itself as the most advanced mobile service provider in the nation--is marketing itself to pretty, club-going, metrosexuals only, it appears. They are running a Macromedia Flash advertisement on the internet that shows two sweaty girls passionately kissing. There are two links on the ad: approve and disapprove. "Approve" takes you to their website, which, it seems, is only for unsupervised, rich, white kids uber-hip individuals who dance all night in hot, sweaty, dance clubs. "Disapprove" takes you to a site entitled "Stain Glass Is Pretty," with displays of stained glass, some religious, which, when clicked on, take you to a page that tells you that you that are being redirected to Ampd.com "where your entertainment re-education will begin."

Other than being completely pretentious, and completely idiotic, the site is indicative of what is to come. Based on its advertising techniques, the site is betting its entire success on under-educated, media-frenzied, worthless, punching bags. It amazes me how American companies think that they can exclude the only truly income producing classes by pandering to unthinking, sex-crazied pansies. God bless the immigrants who chose to stay, for God knows that we are giving this country away.

I'm surprised that India isn't ruling the world by now, considering how many graduate school students we have from the East Indies. (Sorry, I cannot display the offending advertisement. Perhaps C. Ryder can teach me how to link to Macromeida Flash advertisements.)