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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Maybe American Boys Should Bleed for Them, Too.

Or maybe not. But they are, afterall, products of the same democratic process we are dying for in Iraq.

It often appears that enthusiastic supporters of Bush and the Iraq fiasco are so far off the reservation that it is probably useless to argue with them. Nevertheless, in the spirit of charity, I offer the following from Buchanan's latest "American Conservative":

"No greater folly has been committed by President Bush than his midlife conversion to the notion that America was put on this earth to advance some 'world democratic revolution' and no non-democrat can be a friend of the United States.
"From Louis XVI, who helped us win our Revolution, to Alexander II who sold us Alaska to keep it out of the paws of the British Lion, to Franco in Spain, Diem in Vietnam, Salazar in Portugal, Marcos in the Philippines, and, yes, Pinochot in Chile during the Cold War, this has been true, while democrats like Olof Palme in Sweden, Trudeau in Canada, and Nehru and Krishna Menon in India were often less than useless.
"Reagan recognized this. Why can't Bush?
"And as we look around the world and see Chavez in Venezuela, Kirchner in Argentina, Morales in Bolivia, Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Chirac in France, we note they have two things in common. All either hold power or are advancing to power through free elections, and none has a nice word to say about the United States of George W. Bush."

Of course, Buchanan's point does present some problems for the current administration. We'd have to find another rationale to ship Americans thousands of miles from home to die. And guess what? Al-Qaida ties and WMDs won't work, either.