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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Catholic" Democrats Berate Alito on Abortion

I'm sure that there's no need to remind Fumare's regular readers that Senate Democrats consider Roe v. Wade to be sacrosanct and that they will not tolerate any dissent on this position. Over the last three days, Democrats on the Senate Judiciary have certainly reaffirmed this position as they have berated Supreme Court nominee (and fellow Catholic) Samuel Alito over the status of Roe v. Wade.

"Catholic" Democrat Senators Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Dick Durbin, and Pat Leahy are so rabidly pro-abortion that they have raised the topic of abortion numerous times in an attempt to pin Judge Alito's position on the subject. Of course, the only answer that is acceptable to these "distinguished legal scholars" is that Judge Alito promise to uphold Roe, a decision which at best is constitutionally dubious and at worst is an outright fraud that has been responsible for the slaughter of over forty million unborn children.

The actions of Kennedy, Biden, Durbin, and Leahy are scandalous. Thank God that these men are in the minority and that another prominent "Catholic" Democrat, John Kerry, was not given the opportunity to appoint the replacements for Justices Rehnquist and O'Connor.

Perhaps equally as scandalous as the behavior of these Democrat Catholic Senators is the flaccid position taken by the U.S.C.C.B. and many of America's Catholic bishops during last year's Presidential Election. Unfortunately, the U.S.C.C.B. is likely to conduct a repeat performance during this year's federal elections.

Thankfully, there are numerous faithful Catholic organizations (American Life League, Priests for Life, Catholic Answers, EWTN, Fidelis, etc.) that have picked up the slack and will be once again ready to fight on behalf of the unborn during this year's elections.

UPDATE: See Pat Buchanan's article here which makes some similar points.

UPDATE 2: See also Michael Novak's brief NRO article here.