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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

You Might be a Neo-Con Republican If . . .

In today's earlier post, I raised questions regarding the factual premise of the Church's teaching on capital punishment. In the comments section, Sine Metu echoed those questions.

Based on some of the comments from the past few days (both here and at Whoseamsol) questioning Dean Dobranski's and Fr. Orsi's allegiance to the Catholic Church, I decided that I should pre-empt any such comments directed at Sine Metu or myself by pointing out what I am sure has become obvious to most of you: Due to our questions on the factual premise of the Church's teaching on the death penalty, Sine Metu and I are Neo-Con, Republicans who don't take take our Catholicism seriously.

Now I won't speak for Sine Metu, but my secret conspiracy to elect Republicans and execute criminals runs far deeper than just than just the issue of capital punishment. I also support President Bush's war in Iraq as being compatible with Just War Theory, support capitalism and smaller government (a.k.a. "not caring for the poor"), and dislike the United Nations.

Intead of refuting this Neo-Con, Republican label (which is impossible to refute), I would like to pre-emptively accept this honor (we neo-cons do everything pre-emptively) and join the distinguished company of George Weigel, Michael Novak, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, the Acton Institute, National Review, Fr. Frank Pavone, and the recently inducted Fr. Orsi and Dean ("Cardinal") Dobranski.

For others who would like to claim the Neo-Con Republican label, joining is easy. All one needs to do is be able to distinguish between Church teaching which declares something as intrinsically evil and something which is sometimes evil depending on the circumstances. An easy way to gain entry is by raising questions as to the application of Church teaching on Just War, Capital Punishment, and Capitalism. If you can do this, you just might be a Neo-Con, Republican.

Inducting others is even easier. If you disagree with a fellow Catholic in an area which requires the application of prudential judgment, simply raise your arm in his/her (probably "his") direction, extend your index finger in a pointing motion, and boldly state with an air of disgust, "Neo-Con, Republican."