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Friday, October 28, 2005

Stock Tip

Alright, I'm no Warren Buffett, and I don't play one on television, but I'd like to point out to you fine fellows what I think is the next "big thing." As bandwidth and trust in third-party IT service providers increases, the world of enterprise software will decrease. Enterprise software is a huge expense for many businesses: the cost of the software itself, the upgrades, the in-house IT support staff, training seminars, etc. Enter the world of software-as-service, where you use the internet to access the software on a vendor's servers which house your data. The saving are apparent: no up-front purchase, no upgrade costs, no large IT support staff who isn't familiar with the software, etc.

The idea of renting software isn't new, but the idea of not having to actually run the software is. The primary impediment to the approach is security and confidentiality. What business, in its right "business judgment" would hand over its critical and confidential data to a third-party? Well, individuals do it already: hotmail, gmail, etc. And with business being as complex as it is, it's already happened with the financial aspects of business. Anderson, for example.

Enter Salesforce.com (CRM), which has done a marvelous job of jumping on this bandwagon early.

(This blogger offers no guarantees as to the reliability or success of his recommendation.)