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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Michigan to Join MAC Conference?

For those who follow the more mundane (and arguably more important) issues in life, the "victors" of Ann Arbor have fallen to a sad 2-2 record in college football, with handy victories over the likes of Northern Illinois and Eastern Michigan, while struggling against Notre Dame and Wisconsin. Their unceremonious tumble out of the top 25 ends the current longest-running streak of consecutive weeks in the top 25, going back several years.

It promises to be an entertaining weekend in East Lansing with the eleventh-ranked Spartans taking on the sore squad from Ann Arbor. One keen observer longed for such failure in Michigan's season that coach Lloyd Carr might lose his job, only to be replaced by a less talented coach, thus condemning the Wolverines to a rut of mediocrity, the likes of which have been on display in recent years at Nebraska and Notre Dame (and now Oklahoma, too?). Though it is poor form to wish ill on anyone, the prospect does sound rather tempting.

In the heartwarming news department, you might have heard the story out of Washington this week about Notre Dame strangely executing a pass on its first play from scrimmage. Opening with a pass is not necessarily unusual, however ND's first possession of the game began on its own 1-yard line--in such a situation, most play-callers would execute a run in order to minimize the risk of a safety. Nevertheless, Charlie Weis called for a pass right, and here's why.