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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Big Yawn with Big Ten

With all of the justifiable coverage surrounding Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath, as well as the sad news of the passing of Chief Justice Rehnquist, y'all may have overlooked another critical piece of news breaking last weekend: college football season has started.

Yes, boys and girls, it is that time again. Time to break out the marching bands, beer, and bratwurst, and eventually, for those in the northern climes, the hot chocolate. Time for half-face sunburns in the early season, and sweatshirt-worthy afternoons in the late season. Time for reliving those glory years of college, and call to order a new season of bickering over supremacy in a league of hundreds of teams with an 11 game season.

Which brings me to my first gripe: the big ten. Of the ten (of eleven) big ten teams active last weekend, they went 10-0. This would be impressive, if not for the lineup of opponents: Rutgers, Central Michigan, Ball State, Northern Illinois, Kent State, Tulsa, Ohio (not "THE" Ohio State U.), Miami (of Ohio), South Florida, and Bowling Green. Not exactly a who's who lineup of college football powerhouses. In fact, the big ten teams outscored their largely MAC conference opening weekend opponents by a collective 383 - 167 (that's an average score of 38.3 - 16.7 for those not good at math).

The big ten stands in sharp contrast to other major conferences in this regard. While not all teams in the ACC, SEC, and Pac 10 necessarily play ranked opponents opening weekend, there's at least some variety in their schedules, and no other conference had a "perfect" opening weekend (in fact, teams in the MAC went 1-10, Toledo drubbed Western Illinois for the sole bright spot on their collective record).

Let's hope for a little more excitement on future labor day weekends in the big ten.