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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Reuters, The News Room

This was just too good to ignore. Reuters posted a picture of, as AM puts it, "the Sack of Rome" and numerous faithful responded. (I couldn't find a workable link, so I've reproduced the content below. You can go there yourself by clicking here and then clicking on "The News Room" from the menu on the left.)

The News Room
The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
Feedback from our online readers
July 29, 2005
Black text = Reuters headlines and stories
Blue text = Reader Feedback
Red text = Editor's note

Three of the nine women to be ordained as Roman Catholic priests and deacons lay on the floor during a ceremony on a boat in international waters on the St. Lawrence Seaway near Gananoque, Ontario July 25, 2005. Nine North American Catholic women were ordained priests or deacons in what will amount to a test of Pope Benedict's determination to enforce the Vatican's ban on women's ordination.

Please stop your inaccurate captions regarding Catholic women who are being ordained. Once they are ordained, they will be something, but they will NOT be Roman Catholic Priests. Here's a good rule of thumb. If it has a vagina, it's not a Roman Catholic Priest. You can write captions like: "Roman Catholic women excommunicate selves by becoming ordained". Tony

Ordination to the Roman Catholic Priesthood requires two very simple things: 1. The subject being ordained must be Catholic. 2. The subject being ordained must be male. It's quite simple. And it's been the teaching of the Church for, oh, about 1,960 years (give or take). Claire H.

You can't call a terrorist who blows up a bus or train car a terrorist. But, you can call a person ordained outside the Catholic church a priest, even when they are not recognized by the church as a priest. What planet do you people come from? David T.

Lots and lots of readers caught us on this one. In the end, we had to correct captions for several pictures. As one reader said, “I could call myself a Reuters photographer, but that wouldn’t make me one." Editor