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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

People's College of Law

Check out this law school in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, pumping out lawyers "for the people" since 1973. Now before you scoff in condescension, you should know that People's College of Law has produced some prestigious alumni, such as current Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and California state senator Gilbert Cedillo. Although PCL does not require its students to have a bachelor's degree or take the LSAT, not just ANYONE can get into PCL. The school's website delineates its selective admissions criteria: "If you are NOT comfortable advocating for the working class, the poor, the disabled, the incarcerated, minority groups, women, immigrants, environmentalists, anti-war activists, or the gay community, (just to name a few), PCL is not the place for you." Moreover, "[a]n eligible candidate [must] be able to demonstrate a commitment to progressive social change."

"We recognize the cultural and social barriers that people have," student Magda Madrigal says of not using the LSAT as an admissions requirement. "If you grew up with a nanny and a tutor and all the comforts of life, you would probably do better than the lady next to you who worked all her life. We would be keeping you in and her out, further marginalizing the community." Of course, by keeping her out, PCL would also avoid the injustice of accepting tuition money from poorly qualified students who have no chance at passing the bar exam. The latest statistics from the February 2005 California bar exam reveal that, of the 10 PCL alumni who were taking the bar exam for at least the second time, all 10 failed. The 1 first-time test taker from PCL also failed. In fact, no graduate of PCL has passed the California bar exam since July 1999, and that person was a repeat test-taker.

Apparently, a sincere commitment to the leftist ideology is not enough to make for a successful practicing lawyer. Thank God.

UPDATE: Phlogizo makes the point that PCl's logo somewhat resembles the communist symbol of the hammer and sickle. The logo also appears to have been executed in the style of Diego Rivera, the famous artist and communist. This would make sense, of course, since it is the PEOPLE'S college of law.