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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, August 08, 2005

The Once Great Society of Jesus

This story carries with it the foul stench that usually seems to emanate from the California Jesuit Province. Primarily, it is the sad history of Father James Chevedden, a Jesuit priest who committed suicide after contending with a mental disorder. But the story is also emblematic of the decay that results when a religious order becomes entrenched with homosexuals who refuse to recognize their condition as a "disorder."

The Provincial of the Jesuit order in California, Father Thomas Smolich, is apparently not prepared to admit that homosexual men are largely reponsible for the sexual abuse within his ranks: "From my first year as Provincial, I have said publicly and in print that we always have had and will continue to have gay or homosexually-oriented members of the Province who are exemplars of our way of life." How many children, seminarians, and priests have to be sacrificed to sexually active homosexual priests and religious before homosexuality is recognized as a fundamental cause of the problem, both within the Jesuit order and without? The fact that some homosexuals can be and have been faithful priests does not render the question moot. And the numbers do not lie: 81 percent of the minors abused by Catholics priests since 1950 were male. Of those males victims, 85.8 percent were 11 or older, meaning the vast majority of those cases fell outside the clinical definition of pedophilia.

We all struggle with our own sins and disorders. Where we go wrong is when we call the sin good and the disorder normal. Homosexuality is not some boon to the priesthood; it is an intrinsic disorder. And as a sexual disorder, one would expect that those who struggle with this condition find it more difficult to be chaste. This indeed appears to be the case. Although most priests are heterosexual, the vast majority of priestly sexual transgressions are homosexual in nature.

Pictured above: Brother Charles Connor, the Jesuit who allegedly abused Father Chevedden before he died.