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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I Guess the Archbishop Confused "Unprotected Intercourse" for "Indirect Discourse"

This post is significant in demonstrating what happens when Bishops hand over control of their dioceses to fat women in strech pants, or some bloated bureaucracy. Do the Bishops actually know what is going on?
(1) If they do, they are willfully and intentionally dissenting from Catholic doctrine and thus are "wolves in sheep's clothing" and qualify for the Millstone of the Month Club.
(2) If they don't, then they are guilty of not safeguarding the doctrine of the Faith, failing as rulers and teachers--preferring instead a life of cocktail parties and golf outings--and qualifying for the Millstone of the Month Club.

Either way I mention this in demonstrating what practically happens when Bishops abdicate their responsibilities. Here it is with regard to the Fr. Mentula situation which is of interest to us Catholic lawyer-types:

Under the direction of Portland's archbishop at the time, William J. Levada, church attorneys tried to get the suit dismissed in 1994 on several grounds. In a motion, they argued that the "birth of the plaintiff's child and the resultant expenses ... are the result of the plaintiff's own negligence" because she engaged in "unprotected intercourse."

Well, I feel confident with the new CDF Head. Diogenes is also confident.

(N.B. "Indirect Discourse.")