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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Gay Marriage and the Future of Europe

Gay marriage has been creeping through Europe in the last few years, with (at least nominally) Catholic Spain being the latest victim, after Holland and Belgium succumbed a few years ago. This gay marriage movement might not be a trend with the speed of a blitzkreig attack, yet its effects on future Europe will have no less kind of a result.

Europe's relative population is falling - from 12% of world population (1950) to a projected 4% (2050). One scenario (see previous link) says that the EU would need some 700 million immigrants to maintain its population percentage, which would no doubt dramatically shift the continent's cultural structures. No doubt, much of the population decline is the result of low fertility rates which will create havoc as more people try to collect from shrinking pension funds (actually, the ball may already be rolling in Germany). Call it the Curse of Margaret Sanger.

Add to this the gay marriage domino effect. Just as the gay capital of America - San Francisco - is experiencing a curious lack of children, countries that need more children take steps in the opposite direction. Is there any foresight in Spain at all? For a country that once governed in grandeur over a significant part of the West under Philip II, it might now begin its slow death by a government that thinks like this.