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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Thursday, June 30, 2005

And now a word from our sponsors...

I designed the bumper sticker shown here for a family member who is having a bunch printed. They're nice and big (3.75 x 15) and are $5 each including postage (volume pricing available). E-mail me for additional info or to order one or more. I'll probably set up a PayPal account to take plastic, now that eBay has stopped selling the Blessed Sacrament. Any profit realized on my end will pay fees associated with Fumare and then will be donated to support solid Catholic legal education. The bumper stickers are not back from the printer yet, but will be ready to send out within a week or two.

Show the world (or at least those following your car) your appreciation for the Holy Father in time for his historic trip to World Youth Day in Köln...or bring some with you if you're heading over there!

UPDATE: The top half of the bumper sticker has a white background (click on the image for a better idea). I notice Blogger has translated the white in the above version as "transparent," and the parchment is showing through. Nope: white and gold, just like the Vatican flag (and, in a bit of irony: black, red, and gold, just like the German flag)!