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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Why I am not a Republican

You know something is fishy when the democratic leadership in the senate has nothing but praise for a "bipartisan" deal in the Senate. Such is the stench coming from the "compromise" by a group of fourteen "moderate" senators over the threat to send the obstructionist democrats packing on their filibusters of judicial nominees. Believe me, we will see an "extraordinary circumstances" filibuster when the next decent judicial candidate comes down the pike. Why any attorney with a modicum of intelligence would be willing to endure the "advice and consent" of the senate just to sit on the federal bench these days is beyond me. More reason to have Congress abolish the lower federal courts and allow state courts to be the courts of first instance in this country.

For the record, and this was not easy to find in a world where media outlets seldom report simple facts, the seven republicans who crossed the line on this deal are Sens. Chafee, Collins, DeWine, Graham, McCain, Snowe, and Warner. This is enough to merit the Tom Daschle treatment when each is next up for reelection.

What galls me most is that the dems paid no price for the filibuster. Filibusters are now free passes--a senator doesn't really have to tie up senate business indefinitely. A senator simply needs to threaten to do so, and the issue dies. Are there no parliamentarians left in the senate?