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Law, culture, and Catholicism...up in smoke!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Abortion politics

So are the Democrats finally coming around with their latest accommodation of a "pro-life" piece of legislation? This attempt, headed by the Democrats For Life aims to "reduce 95% of abortions in 10 years". Not bad, minus the part about "contraception equity" (which signifies a fundamental disrespect for the human person that will perpetuate other social problems). But the political effects the program would have on the major parties could be significant. According to the story:
Since election setbacks in 2004, the new Democratic chairman, Howard Dean, and 2008 presidential prospect Hillary Rodham Clinton are among those who argue that Democrats have to do more to reach out to those who oppose abortion.
Obviously, offering a bone to pro-lifers who tend to vote Republican may seduce just enough voters to tip the scales in favor of a 2008 Hillary Clinton election, which would be disastrous in any number of areas, including abortion. On the upside, however, the 2008 Republican presidential candidate would have to take a much more visible and firm position against abortion. And on a grand scale, if pro-life Democrats were realistic options in campaigns against pro-life Republicans, the pro-life vote would be sought after with greater demand. The pro-life vote wouldn't be taken for granted as it seems to be today.